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Established in 1975, the Vitamin Power brand is long-recognized for
highest-quality nutritional health products, worldwide. Offering one of the
most comprehensive product lines available to fulfill the nutritional needs
of health-minded people, each Vitamin Power product is formulated for
optimum dietary intake and is manufactured with the finest nutritional

Everyday, scientific literature is reporting important new information about
optimum nutrient intake and its beneficial effects for boosting energy,
resisting disease and promoting natural longevity. Assuring proper nutrition
is the key for people taking control of their own health.

Incorporating Nature, Science and Technology . . .
Combining the best of science and nature, Vitamin Power products provide
reliable, effective nutritional support for a wide range of individual
health needs. Formulated with science-based nutritional ingredients
and advanced technology, these fully-guaranteed products are
laboratory-tested to assure potency, purity & stability. Vitamin Power
operates within the highest industry standards for consistent
quality-control, in compliance with stringent federal and state regulatory

Being a prime supplier in the nutrition industry since 1975, Vitamin Power
products are distributed and sold exclusively through over 20,000
independent dealers, retailers and health professionals worldwide. With over
30 years of innovation, quality and value, Vitamin Power can help you
achieve a solid foundation for good health. Use this informative product
website to study and select the proper nutritional formulations for you &
your family.

100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee . . .
This guarantee certifies that Vitamin Power products meet the highest
standards of potency, purity and freshness. If you are not completely
satisfied with a Vitamin Power product, you may return it to me within
30 days of receipt for a full refund or credit.

The health and wellness business industry reportedly is expected to jump in
leaps and bounds like never seen before in history. If you too want to
become a part of history in the making, then I would strongly suggest
representing a company such as Vitamin Power, that has more the proven
their industry strength. A company very well respected company throughout
the nutritional supplement and wellness industry and known by all in the
physical fitness and medical profession as a very well respected authority
and justly so.
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